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Mother | Web Designer | Educator | Lover of Pineapples

I was born and raised in the wild & wonderful West Virginia. I was raised up around horses, 4-wheelers, hunting, river-swimming, and anything you can imagine when it comes to outdoors. When people hear my accent, it doesn't take them long to guess that I'm pure country at heart. After college, I spent some time working & living in different places. One of my favorite places happens to be Hawaii! Starting to see the whole love of pineapples come together?

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I graduated from Shepherd University (WV) with a B.S. Degree in Communication & New Media (with a minor in Art) in 2015.
My plunge into adult-life was the launch of my photography business
in Kailua, Hawaii. When I came back to the mainland, I decided to tap into my degree more, which led to my web design & marketing passion. I lived a few years doing the "9-5" life but soon realized my passion was stronger than the alarm clock and daily routine. I branched out from
the "corporate world" and create my own business. Since then, I continue to study digital marketing, social media trends, and what keeps businesses alive & thriving. I love what I do and offering marketing that is "Sweet & Spiky" is true to my brand and my character.

One thing that sets me apart from large agencies is my 100% undivided, client focus. I'm the partner you can confide in with your business needs. I value your trust & truly care about your online presence
& marketing plans. When my clients goals are met,
I enjoy celebrating in their success!


Throughout my years in the world of web design & marketing, I have cultivated not only business relationships, but friendships with my clients. Many of my clients have been with me from the very beginning and have watched my personal life goals & adventures along the way...

Behind the screen... I'm a wife and mother. My husband, Neil, and I live a quiet life, enjoying making family memories together. Our daughter, Sawyer, was born on June 7, 2021.  Neil and I love watching her learn & grow each day. We enjoy spending time with our daughter & are oh so blessed. 

Besides running this business, I also teach high school students in English Language Arts, Photography, Computer Science, and Yearbook. It's not always easy, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to do both. When I'm not balancing two jobs and mommin', you can find me curled up with a cup of coffee watching F-R-I-E-N-D-S for the thousandth time. 

I can't wait to meet YOU. Thanks for checking out my page. xo Taylor

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