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As someone who has continually searched for a platform this is dependable & can provide design features & respectable apps that will help my clients to crush their goals & competitors, I standby Wix as the trusted choice for the job!

I studied the Wix Education courses & took the program to earn my certification as an Official Wix Expert. I am part of a closed group of Wix Experts from all over the world, that work closely together on solutions that will exceed your expectations for web design.


With my marketing experience & design credibility, I proudly help clients achieve their goals. Wix has grown such a popularity that many entrepreneurs are taking on the task of web design on their own. That's why I decided to create helpful webinars & courses that will help guide you.

But let's just clear the air on one thing before we start our journey through tutorials & freebies:

My main business objective for web design is to handle all the website stresses so that my clients can focus on their day-to-day business operations. Sure you could do this yourself, but it may prove more challenging than you think. I like to tell clients that I could also fix my own plumbing, but I'll most likely hire a professional.


Web design is the same concept.  


If at any time you find that creating your own website is too frustrating, please don't hesitate to join my website ohana (Hawaiian word for 'family') & rest easy, knowing that you have a professional website that represents a reputable person... You!

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"Brand & Brainstorm" Worksheet

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Taylor uses this specific template to gain inspiration & ideas for her brand image on the web. Think about your CTA, brand colors, target audience & more. 


Save the template to use as a reference during your next marketing strategy planning period. 

Upcoming Webinar
The Wix Quick Start
Date and Details To Be Announced
In this live webinar, we will discuss the Wix platform, why it's amazing & how to get started. Sure, you can "drag & drop," but let's look at ways to show professionalism, consistency & high quality work. After all, since you're a working professional, your website should be too. I'll guide with ways to that enhance your website in order to shine & stand out. 
BONUS: I'll be answering your questions, making this webinar a fun & personable experience for everyone to take away something useful to use during their designing time.

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